Lights of the Lakes Shows – November

11/4 – Ozaukee County Historical Society (Cedarburg)

The Cedarburg Cultural Center was the venue for one of the largest shows in the 30-year history of Lights of the Lakes. 115 people made up a very engaged, enthusiastic audience. Both they and I enjoyed sharing the lore of our fantastic Great Lakes lighthouses in my hour-long presentation.

Ozaukee County Historical Society Poster

The Ozaukee County Historical Society hosted tonight’s program at their quarterly meeting. Prior to the show, OCHS created the above poster. Over 35 copies were posted at various locations throughout the community. The promotion worked well, as the OCHS staff had to keep bringing in more chairs as the audience grew well beyond the 75 people expected to attend.

Lights of the Lakes Audience at the Cedarburg Cultural Center

11/7 – Home & Community Education (West Bend)

The final scheduled performance of Lights of the Lakes in 2019 will take place on November 7th in West Bend, WI. Stop by here afterwards for an update.


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