Skills Inventory

Professional Background

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Skills and Experience

– Key Thinking Skills
– StrengthsFinder 2.0 Key Strengths
– Business Analysis
– Commercial Web Site Design and Development
– Technical Writing
– Marketing Communications
– Training Program Development and Facilitation
– Photography
– Software Competencies
– Professional Certifications

Key Thinking Skills

Analysis and Organization
Adept at mental sorting and comparison; detects commonalities and patterns; arranges information elements in a logical and efficient manner.

Spatial Visualization
Tested at over 99th percentile against engineering norms. Imagines what things will look like before they exist, then builds them to match mental images. Also very useful in photographic composition.

Concrete Design
Designs detailed workable solutions for practical problems.

Attention to Detail
Comprehends and remembers fine details; notices variances from previous patterns, and implement standards.

Uses Both Sides of Brain
Competently performs both analytical/logical and expressive/creative functions.

StrengthsFinder 2.0 Key Strengths






Explanation of what the StrengthsFinders themes mean

Business Analysis

Requirements; use cases; navigation design; developer specifications (web/intranet projects)
– Assurant Health (Time Insurance)
– West Bend Mutual Insurance
– Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
– WACKER Corporation
– Fair Oak Resources

Commercial Web Site Design and Development

eCommerce web site prototype design
– WACKER Corporation (eBusiness Initiative)
– Harken Yacht Equipment (online store)

Created prototype intranet web site designs
– Godfrey & Kahn
– Rockwell Automation
– West Bend Mutual
– Compuware Corporation
– Wisconsin Health Information Network (WHIN)

Led production HTML development for multi-site BASF Automotive Coatings
Virtual Information System (extranet)

Updated and maintained corporate intranets
– Johnson Controls, Inc.
– Guaranty Bank
– TMP Worldwide
– Wisconsin Health Information Network (WHIN)

Produced web page designs, graphics, and content
– The Great Circus Parade, Inc.
– Circus World Museum
– Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce
– Fair Oak Resources

International Society for Technical Communication presentation:
A Year in the Life of a Web Site in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Compuware Corp.)

Technical Writing

Authored and maintained software documentation
– GE Healthcare
– Manpower, Inc.
– Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC)
– QuadTech, Inc.
– Wisconsin Paper Group
– EMS Solutions, Inc.

Designed and produced online help systems
– West Bend Mutual Insurance
– Metavante, Inc.
– Mercury Marine, Inc.
– Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC)
– GraySoft, Inc.

Authored maintenance guides for web sites
– WACKER Corporation
– West Bend Mutual Insurance
– BASF Automotive Coatings

Marketing Communications

Authored product literature, brochures, direct mail
– Computer People Unlimited (CPU)
– Compuware Corporation
– GraySoft, Inc.
– EMS Solutions, Inc.

Wrote trade journal articles; created and placed
trade journal advertisements
– GraySoft, Inc.
– EMS Solutions, Inc.

Training Program Development and Facilitation

Created and facilitated employee training programs
– QuadTech Inc.
– GraySoft, Inc.
– Compuware Corporation
– EMS Solutions, Inc.
– ARAMARK (formerly ARA Services, Inc.)

Wrote training presentations, texts, handouts, and job aids
– Johnson Controls
– QuadTech, Inc.
– Aurora Health Care
– Miller Brewing Company
– EMS Solutions, Inc.


Products and installation techniques
– Johnson Controls

Advertising imagery
– West Bend Mutual Insurance

Software Competencies

Web Development (CMS)
– WordPress

Web Development (HTML)
– Dreamweaver
– Hotmetal Pro
– HomeSite
– Microsoft FrontPage

Technical Writing
– Adobe FrameMaker
– Adobe Acrobat
– PTC Arbortext Editor (XML)
– empolis Content Lifestyle Suite
– Microsoft Word
– Microsoft Publisher
– MindManager
– Snagit

Photography and Graphics
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Lightroom
– Helicon Focus
– Paint Shop Pro
– Macintosh iPhoto
– Microsoft PhotoDraw

Office Productivity Tools
– Microsoft Word
– Microsoft Excel
– Microsoft PowerPoint
– Microsoft OneNote
– Microsoft Outlook
– Microsoft Sharepoint
– Microsoft Visio

Operating Systems
– Microsoft Windows 9.X, NT, XP, Vista
– Apple: OS X, MacOS, iOS
– Linux
– Google Chrome, Android

Professional Certifications

Practice Workflow & Information Management Redesign Specialist (MATC Health IT Program)

SCORE Certified Mentor