Art in Bloom 2023

I love to photograph flowers, and have for many decades. So, when given the opportunity to go to something as spectacular as the Milwaukee Art Museum’s annual Art in Bloom exhibit, sign me up! For the second year in a row (2022) , my partner and I went to MAM’s popular flower arrangement exhibit, where professional florists create arrangements based upon the inspiration they get from museum artwork.

Welcome to Art in BloomFrom the exhibit brochure:

At the Milwaukee Art Museum’s annual celebration of spring, discover breathtaking art-inspired floral arrangements created by the region’s top designers, and enjoy the rich colors and fragrant aromas of the season.

Explore three floors of galleries to experience all 26 captivating bouquets and the artworks that inspired them. 

Floral and Garden Arrangements

Floral Arrangements

The main attractions of Art in Bloom are the unique, art-inspired floral arrangements. The photo gallery below showcases these exhibits.

Garden Arrangements

Milwaukee garden clubs also create floral garden displays, which line the center of MAM’s spectacular Windover Hall (the incredible Quadracci Pavilion/Calatrava addition) during Art in Bloom.

Around the Museum

A few shots of scenes and things that caught my photographic eye during today’s visit.


Mitchell Park Domes

In the afternoon, my partner and I extended our outing by visiting the nearby “Domes,” to see Metamorphosis: The Lives of Frogs and Butterflies, the current attraction in the Show Dome. The Domes website stated, 

Witness the transformation from the white shell of winter to the soft caterpillar greens of spring that emerge into the fluttering blooms of summer. Drift from the ‘Chilly White’ Easter lilies to the ‘Beauty of Spring’ tulips. With the ‘Changing Color’ daffodils, the garden morphs into a vivid tapestry of hyacinths, pansies, and hydrangeas of every color.

After viewing the Show Dome, we continued on to the Desert and Tropical Domes. Below are photos from all three.

Show Dome

Desert Dome

Tropical Dome

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  • Pauline Beck

    I was so sorry to miss Art in Bloom this year! But so happy to see your beautiful images! I especially loved the shadows cast by some of the arrangements (vines and stalks). The 3rd photo in the “Around the Museum” section is a favorite — I love the starkness of those trees, without their leaves. Also liked all the textures in the Desert Dome, and the close-ups of the leaf designs and patterns in the Tropical Dome.

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