Autumn Leaves at Birchwood Hills

This morning brought the return of sunshine; the winds were calm, and the temperature mild for this time of year in Wisconsin. I felt the familiar urge to get outdoors with my camera, so I headed for Birchwood Hills Nature Preserve. The beginning of the trail leading into this area is less than 100 yards from my front door.

There is no attempt at fine photography going on here. This is just nature “as is,” mostly fallen leaves, as I found them today. There are no fiery maples in this preserve, so what you’ll see is all there is…nature in the raw, just as the Creator envisioned it. I especially enjoyed the remnants of morning dew on the leaves. I hope you enjoy this little respite from your daily routine.


  • Howard Vrankin

    Beauty in these small things opens my mind toward appreciation and gratitude today. Thanks!

  • Janet Wagner

    Great pics for a dreary fall season.

  • Pauline Beck

    Even the textures and muted colors of nature that’s retiring for the season can be interesting. Bill and I found some good photo opps with yellowed, wrinkled hosta leaves today in Racine.

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