Cedarburg Bog Wildflowers

Mid-June is a great time to search out some of the second-phase woodland wildflowers that bloom after the April and May wildflowers are long gone. Today I visited Cedarburg Bog State Natural Area near Newburg, Wisconsin. I was hoping to find some yellow lady-slipper orchids in bloom as I have at times in the past here. The wild orchids were nowhere to be found this year.

Cedarburg Bog State Natural Area Sign

I got luckier with Columbines. They are one of my favorite wildflowers, and they were in bloom today. Here are a couple more that found their way into my viewfinder.

The simple joy of just walking down trails through the woods is also a big part of the experience while hunting for wildflowers. 

 Below is a wild geranium I found along the trail.

And I’m not sure what these white flowers are, but they caught my eye as well.

And it’s not just about wildflowers, as rewarding as it is to find them in the woods. The repetitive geometry of ferns also intrigues me.

 And there’s even a small lake located at Cedarburg Bog. When I got there today, a couple people were fishing off the dock. I didn’t bring a fishing pole, but I did have a camera. This is what I found next to the dock. Unfortunately, I was a bit too early to catch it in bloom!

So there you have it. A walk in the woods, a few pictures, some fresh air and exercise, all experienced on a beautiful June day.

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