Cedarburg Garden Walk 2023

The 13th Annual Cedarburg Garden Walk, hosted by the Cedarburg Woman’s Club, took place on a beautiful Saturday in mid-July, 2023. My partner and I visited all four residential gardens featured on this year’s tour. The club brochure provided information on each garden.

Since I’ve loved photographing flowers all my life, this event provided ample opportunities to capture the beauty of the gorgeous flowers at each location we visited.

Maryann Clark – Thiensville

Start your day walking through this quiet, serene, and tranquil garden. The owner thought that she would dig that up, so she wouldn’t have to mow around it. An addiction started – you will be amazed! This garden is a complete surprise to people as they come around the house to see it. The owner inherited this love of gardening from her grandmother. Come and visit this special place!

Dave and Deb DeBoer – Cedarburg

Dave and Deb started working on their one-acre property 32 years ago. The first flower beds were all perennials, gifts from friends and neighbors. At that time, their five-year-old daughter asked to raise and release a butterfly. After research that summer, they were able to raise a healthy Monarch. That was just the beginning! Their goal was to grow host plants and trees for caterpillars and provide nectar-rich flowers as a food source for the butterflies. Look for the different varieties of native milkweed on the property, as well as Red Spotted Purples, Monarchs, Red Admirals, Painted Ladies, Skippers, and many types of Swallowtails.

Tom and Beth Krimmel – Cedarburg

When the owners moved into their 100-year-old home in 2016, they needed to address two challenges: the back yard had a direct view to Columbia Road and the west half of the yard was below the level of the sidewalk, causing water to pond. Come see how they solved both challenges, and became the winner of the 2018 Major’s Award for Residential Landscaping.

Tom and Sue Felmer – Saukville

As caretakers of the Hemlock Farmstead, established in 1846, they are deeply committed to preserving its history and creating a peaceful oasis. Their restoration project is an ever-evolving labor of love as they strive to create gardens that enhance the pastoral beauty of the land. With a focus on hand-cultivated, organic horticulture, they weave a colorful tapestry of native and heirloom plants that transport visitors back in time. They have brought new life into the farmstead through renovation of the farmhouse and preservation of the barn and summer kitchen, by reimagining the gardens as they may have been over 100 years ago.

Home and Gardens

The Summer Kitchen

In the Barn

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