Charlevoix in September

Charlevoix is located on Lake Michigan in the northwest corner of the Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, between Traverse City and Petoskey. I had the opportunity to spend an enjoyable September weekend visiting this picturesque harbor town with a friend.

As usual, the beautiful town and its picturesque setting found its way into my camera’s viewfinder. Here is a quick photo tour of some of Charlevoix’s highlights. One of the highlights was seeing and photographing some of the unique “Mushroom Houses” in Charlevoix. These are truly one-of-a-kind structures! The Mushroom House style of architecture inspired many similar designs evident in downtown Charlevoix buildings.

Of  course, no visit to a Great Lakes harbor town would be complete without this longtime lighthouse photographer snapping a few shots of the local lighthouse. And of course, I got my share of pictures of the Charlevoix South Pierhead Light.

Below are my photographic memories of visiting Charlevoix in September.


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