Fleahopper Rides Again

Fleahopper™ has been brought back from the dead! Three years ago, Fleahopper presided over a nice little web site that was owned and operated by my sister, Peggy Losey. I helped her every step of the way in creating and launching the original Fleahopper.com, her travel blog site. Unfortunately, that site was hacked so badly that it was taken down.

Recently Peggy took me up on my offer to rebuild Fleahopper.com. Still using WordPress, we chose a new host and theme. New protections were put in place to thwart future hacking attempts. The new site is now online and being built out with fresh content.

I was heavily involved in the recreation of Fleahopper.com, performing the following tasks:

– Recommend the hosting company.
– Install and configure WordPress software, including SSL certificate.
– Advise on how to find suitable themes.
– Install and configure the selected theme (Wanderlust by Nimbus).
– Redirect name servers to the new hosting company.
– Create all prototype pages on the site.
– Resize logo graphic and add tagline in chosen font.
– Select and install WordPress plugins for security, SEO, backup, social sharing, etc.
– Fleahopper is now on the mend and ready to venture forth. Watch for stories of his travels as they unfold in the future!

Visit Fleahopper.com web site