Flowers in the Yard

I’m not a gardener. All I seem to be able to grow really well is weeds in the yard. However, as the month of June begins, the few flowers in my yard are showing their best stuff.

For the first time in many years, a lilac bush is blooming. This young bush fulfills a longstanding wish, to have a viable lilac bush in my yard. When my dad passed away, and others wanted to send flowers, I asked for a small lilac bush instead. And I got one. Lilacs remind me of the big lilac bushes we had in the yard of my boyhood home. And thinking of home brings back pleasant memories of my dearly missed father. After his funeral, I brought the tiny lilac bush that I was given home, and left it outside in its pot over the winter. It didn’t survive. But the one shown below took its place many years later, is healthy, and is sending its fragrant blossoms toward the sky. Seeing this warms my soul.

Lilac Bush

In another part of the yard, some irises are in full bloom, as well (top photo). It’s their turn to show off, and they’re handling the job capably.

Finally, a few early daisies are making their presence known. More will follow as we move toward the fullness of summer.


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