Foggy Morning Nature Walk

Nature often calls me outdoors with my camera on mornings following an overnight rain. A late December soaker last night, with fog and temps in the 40s provided an irresistible photo opportunity. I headed for the Bird Sanctuary in Coal Dock Park on the lakefront in Port Washington. The vegetation has been down for weeks. Except for some red berries here and there, the dead and dormant vegetation presented varying shades of earthy browns. Even the lake was brown, after churning up mud from the bottom as the waves rolled in toward shore.

The gallery below reveals a few of the photo ops available on the morning after a rain. All you have to do is get out there and find them.


  • Richard Yehl


    You are a perfect example of what photography is all about. Seeing the beauty in God’s world that your creative mind loves and shares. That makes you a disciple good Christian friend. A capture of many precious split-second finds with good health is the wish and prayer from here.

  • Shirley Hansen

    Simply breathtaking!!

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