Georgie Porgie’s Treefort Restaurant

Georgie Porgie’s Treefort Restaurant is a fun place to go for classic American comfort food with a Wisconsin twist. It’s located in Oak Creek, a Milwaukee suburb. 

The menu features burgers like the  Porgie, Shroomy, Pizzahhh, and Cowboy. Pretzel Series sandwiches include the Beer Cheese & Bacon, Mac & Chz Burger, and Malibu Chicken. Or you may prefer Jalapeno Poppers, Guacamole, a Cheddar Melt, or the BYO Burger. 

Sides include Onion Rings, Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Tenders, Fried Cheese Curds, and Fries with or without cheese (hey, it’s Wisconsin!).

To satisfy your sweet tooth, there are decadent sundaes including the Funky Monkey, Banana Cream Pie, Choco Pretzel Mania, SMores, and Grasshopper. If that’s not enough, there are Blitzes – a large cup of frozen custard topped with any of over twenty-five available toppings.

Tired of drinking sodas (pop, for you out-of-staters)? Then go for a thick malt with any of the available toppings mixed in.

If you’re one of those rare folks who insist upon eating something healthy in a place like this, you can get a salad. Offerings include Greek Chicken Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, Apple Pecan Salad, Chicken Garden Salad, a Gyro Plate Platter, or Chicken Pita dinner w/salad.

Are the kids along? Then choose from the kid’s menu of “Treefort Favorites Right-Sized for our Youngest Guests.” The little ones can get Chicken Branches, Grilled Cheese, a Cheeseburger or Corn Dog Bites.

You only live once, so go pig out at Georgie Porgie’s!

Here’s the unique decor that awaits you:

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