How to Start a Consulting Business

How to Start a Consulting Business is a business training workshop presented by SCORE SE Wisconsin. As a SCORE Certified Mentor and member of the SE  Wisconsin chapter’s Education team, I developed and present this workshop. It was most recently delivered to an audience of small business entrepreneurs on October 14, 2017. Mark King, President of Outward Focus, Inc. co-facilitates the program.

Here is the announcement:

Seminar Description

Many talented and experienced professionals find their careers cut short by corporate restructuring and downsizing. Some leave the military or non-profit organizations with marketable skills but face employment challenges. And others simply yearn to be their own boss and want the freedom of self-employment. Are you considering the option of becoming an independent consultant? If so, this seminar will show you what it takes to get started in consulting.

The seminar provides an overview of these aspects of starting a consulting business:

1. Planning: Services, Markets, Finances, Business Plan
2. Formation: Name, Legal Entity, Insurance, Sales Taxes, EINs
3. Marketing: Message, Channels, Collateral
4. Sales: Prospecting, The Question, Investment, Agreements
5. Delivery: Who, Where, How
6. Measurement: Tracking, Billing and Collection, Reporting and Taxes

In a breakout session, experienced SCORE mentors led discussions aimed at validating each participant’s business idea.

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SCORE Southeast Wisconsin

SCORE SE Wisconsin, Chapter 28, was founded in 1965 and currently has over 75 volunteer members whose primary goal is to counsel their clients toward achieving success whether they are operating within a start-up business or an existing business.

SCORE offers free mentoring and low-cost business training. For more information:

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  • Emily Olson

    As a first time attendee of a SCORE workshop, this was an excellent way to get introduced to the program and mentors!

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