Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe Museum

On a recent trip to Northern Wisconsin, I visited the Native American community of Lac du Flambeau. While there, I had the opportunity to tour the Ojibwe Museum and Cultural Center. This fantastic museum provides a broad exposure to the ways of the Ojibwe people, also known as Chippewa Indians. The museum website provides background:

The George W. Brown, Jr. Ojibwe Museum & Cultural Center offers one of the most complete collections of Lac Du Flambeau history, seasonal workshops, interactive exhibits, cultural programs and a world record sturgeon.

You ask me who I am. If you wish to know, you must see me in the clouds. I am a bird who rises from the earth, and flies far up, into the skies, out of human sight; but though not visible to the eye, my voice is heard from afar, and resounds over the earth! Remember that the voice of the Crane echoes afar off, and when he summons his children together, they number like the pebbles on the Great Lake shore!
– Keeshkemun, Waswaaganing, c. 1813

As with most of my other museum visits, the fascinating exhibits and artifacts made their way into photographs, which I now share with you – enjoy!

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