Lake Tomahawk Snowshoe Baseball

A recent road trip to northern Wisconsin found me and my partner in Lake Tomahawk on a late-summer Monday night. We were there for a totally-unique experience: a snowshoe baseball game! Men’s softball on showshoes is a big hit (pun intended) that brings crowds of fans to the weekly games in this tiny Northwoods community. Before the game, we each savored a piece of homemade pie, which is sold to raise funds for local charities. The pie was our dessert after enjoying an earlier Deluxe Nacho supper on the outdoor deck of the Thirsty Whale, a lakeside restaurant in Minocqua.

The Lake Tomahawk website explains:

Lake Tomahawk was always known as a tourist attraction because of its lakes and gorgeous scenery. In 1961 Town Chairman, Ray Sloan, wanted to give summer tourists and residents another source of entertainment so he invited other area teams to challenge the hometown squad to games in the summer months, replacing the usual snow-covered field with saw chips.

The Lake Tomahawk team, the Snowhawks, play their games on Monday nights in the summer, from June through August.

To learn more, watch the If The Shoe Fits: A Snowshoe Baseball Story.

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