Last Stanza at Harrington Beach

After another rainy night, this morning dawned quiet, foggy, and moist. Soft lighting and calm winds spoke to the photographer in me. I headed to Harrington Beach State Park, which is situated on Lake Michigan a few miles north of me. The fog lasted into the early afternoon before the sun burned it off. The remnants of the rain were also abundant on the plant life.

I’m intrigued by the intricate shapes and colors of fallen leaves, and look for leaves in appealing arrangements. There are no maples at Harrington Beach, so the colors are a little muted compared to a typical hardwood forest. The terrain here is coastal: sandy, swampy, and home to mostly cedars and beechs. Away from the shoreline, open fields exhibit typical prairie habitat. All of it is interesting to a photographer.

Here’s what caught my eye today:

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