Lights of the Lakes Shows – April

4/15 – Evergreen Retirement Community (Oshkosh)

The third Lights of the Lakes show of 2019 took me back to Evergreen Retirement Community in Oshkosh, WI. This show was a reprise of a January 2018 program at the same facility.

This year, the program was presented in a different room. We used their one-year-old Worship and Performing Arts Center, which is one of the finest rooms I’ve ever presented in. The over-20-foot (diagonal) screen was one of my largest ever. A big screen really enhances the audience experience!

Evergreen Chapel & Performing Arts Center
Evergreen Worship & Performing Arts Center

This wonderful facility featured state-of-the art technology, including floor-mounted cable inputs, a great projector, computerized controls, and a wireless microphone.

Cable Inputs
Cable Inputs
Control Panel
Control Panel

Around 45 seniors enjoyed today’s presentation of Lights of the Lakes.

Evergreen Retirement Community Audience
Evergreen Retirement Community Audience

4/27 – West Allis Public Library

Promo on Cover of West Allis Library Spring 2019 Newsletter
Promo on cover of West Allis Library Spring 2019 Newsletter

Saturday morning, April 27th dawned calmly, but by mid-day an approaching cold front was forecast to bring first rain, then heavy snow to Southeast Wisconsin. Driving to the West Allis Library to present this show, even the overhead signs on the freeway screamed,

10 AM TO 10 PM

The threatening weather forecast had been saturation-bombed on local TV and radio for the past day and night. That was sufficient to scare off at least half of the expected audience for today’s show. The fifteen brave souls who ventured out were treated to an enjoyable “Lights of the Lake” presentation. Unlike the promise made in the headline of the promo, these folks got to see lighthouses on two Great Lakes, not just one. Lights of the Lakes features over sixty lighthouses on Lakes Superior and Michigan.

Those who stayed home, afraid to go out in bad weather, missed out. As it turned out, the snowfall in our area was zero inches. Our neighbors to the south in Illinois got dumped on, however, with over six inches of snow in areas. I’m grateful that the storm tracked further south than forecast, making today’s travel easy in Wisconsin.

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