Lights of the Lakes in Milwaukee

My first Lights of the Lakes show of 2017 is history. The Milwaukee Catholic Home Residence hosted the program. An appreciative audience of around fifty seniors enjoyed the show.

After the show, the client stated:

Thank you for a very insightful and informative presentation. Many residents had very positive things to say and enjoyed your program very much!
It’s clear the amount of time and energy you have put into this show reflects your passion for the subject! Many residents appreciated that by way of the photography and history!
Thank you for sharing your passion and time with our residents!

Lights of the Lakes is particularly well-suited to older audiences. These folks have a much deeper appreciation of history than younger people do. Many of those who attend the program tell me that they have visited some of the lighthouses in the show, or have relatives who were lighthouse keepers in the past. This personal connection to Great Lakes lighthouses and their history makes viewing the program a satisfying experience for them.