Mitchell Park Domes 2023

On a nice early February morning, several members of my camera club, the Milwaukee Photo Pictorialists, gathered at the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, better known as The Domes, to visit and photograph Plant-itary Orbits, a space-themed exhibit which featured an impressive model train layout in the Show Dome.

The Domes website described this exhibit as follows:

Come on an adventure like no other, trains in space! The trains will pass through the unusual plant orbits of miniature white azalea trees, miniature Vietnamese cypresses, ‘Headliner Starry Night Burgundy’ petunias, and into the deep blues of the pansy matrix. Make it your mission not to miss this wild enterprise of plants, planets, and trains. It’s going to be out of this world!

Show Dome

From the Domes website:

Five times a year the Floral Show Dome transforms with unique, themed floral shows. Visit throughout the year for spring flowers, the annual train show and the popular Holiday Show. 

Desert Dome

From the Domes website:

Explore the deserts of Africa, Madagascar, South America and North America. Snap a selfie by giant cacti, seek out succulents, agave and more.

Tropical Dome

From the Domes website:

Step into the steamy rainsforest and transport yourself to another world. As you explore the jungle look for coffee beans, cocoa pods, bananas and even sausage fruit! You’ll find 1,200 species of plants in this dome. 


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