Neo-Pop Painted Objects

My partner and I take part in many activities at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) in West Bend, WI. Yesterday, it was a studio class entitled Neo-Pop Painted Objects. It was led by noted professonal artist Lon Michels. Participants were instructed to bring objects they wanted to decorate as they saw fit with acrylic paint. As it turned out, attendees brought things like small pieces of furniture, vases, a pair of boots, miniature horses, and various other odds and ends. During the class, these objects took on entirely new appearances as the participants converted them into painted objects of art.

This was the third such class led by Lon Michels who was featured in a major exhibit at MOWA which ran from November, 2023 through January, 2024. MOWA states: “Michel’s Neo-Pop figuration intuitively navigates the boundaries between framed, staged, and the projection of self through pattern.” And, “He captures members of his social circle informally at home or at work, surrounded by the seemingly banal ephemera of daily life. Within the ordinary aspects of their lives, Michels highlights their idiosyncrasies and emphasizes their fragile, approachable humanity. 

Witness the creativity of the studio class participants!


  • Pauline Beck

    Very colorful! I’m sure everyone attending couldn’t help but feel happy! I just received their quarterly calendar, and I’m impressed by the range of classes and activities that MOWA offers. I see that they’ve added a 2nd series of SPARK! sessions. I hear those are really good — not only for those with memory loss, but as a nice break for their caregivers, as well.

  • Cheryl

    I don’t see Kate or you i any of the photos. Did you paint something?

  • Yes, the Swedish Dala horses. She did the black one, me the white ones.

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