A Northwoods Cabin Experience

June ended very hot this year. On the final day of the month, I visited my nephew Scott Losey’s cabin, located on a newly-acquired 80-acre tract of land in Northern Michigan near the tiny town of Leota. Scott was trained by his Grandpa Block, my Dad, to be a hunter and fisherman. During this trip, I gifted Scott with my Dad’s 1950s-vintage split-bamboo fly rod and reel. I used to watch from the back of rowboats as my Dad cast with that rod for panfish on boyhood fishing trips with him. Scott said he almost cried when he saw the rod and realized that this keepsake from his Grandpa was now his.

My Dad’s ashes were scattered on a smaller tract of hunting land in this area, previously co-owned by my Dad and Scott. A cedar memorial cross marked the spot on the old Property. After Scott bought this bigger tract, which came with a cabin, he moved my Dad’s cross to a new spot overlooking the Muskegon River.

The photos below show the cabin, river, and surrounding woods.


  • Howard Vrankin

    That place looks 100% GUYS! I’m glad you enjoyed it. A good place to honor your father.

  • Pauline Beck

    Wow, that antique stove looks neat! Although as I’m sweltering here in the heat, I’m wondering if it’s ever used (in winter!). I do see the slow cooker and the two burners on the counter, so there are practical solutions for dinner.

  • The old stove in the kitchen dates back to 1895, around the same time the original owners acquired the property. It’s there now just for visual and historic effect, although it could still be used if desired. The countertop range, slow cooker, and microwave suffice for cooking these days. There is an electric furnace for heating. It’s in the corner in the 5th picture. The land had been in the same family all that time, until they approved its sale to Scott. They trusted that he would appreciate the legacy of the property and lovingly care for it in perpetuity.

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