Rotary Lights 2021

For the past 27 years, a celebration of the Christmas season has played out in lights at Riverside Park, along the Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

It was my privilege to witness the spectacle of over three million lights illuminating the darkness of a snowy mid-December Sunday night.

It is my Advent wish to you that the true Light of the World will banish any darkness in your life during this sacred time of the year. Merry Christmas!



  • Howard Vrankin

    Really outstanding work, Phil. Thanks for bringing light, color and your warm greeting into this season! I wish you the fulfillment of Advent/Christmas promises.

  • Cheryl Karst

    Your photos are awesome, and your Advent wish is greatly appreciated. May you have a wonderful Christmas and be blessed with all good things in the year to come.


    I very much enjoyed visiting your blog, Phil. Great photos and I enjoy keeping-up with your travels. The best of the holiday season to you!

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