Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

A picture-perfect October day drew me outdoors with my camera for another round of nature photography. This was my second artist date of the week! Today’s destination was the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center in the northeast Milwaukee. I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 34 years and have known about this place the whole time. But today was the first time I’ve ever visited. It won’t be the last!

Much of my nature photography these days is not just about getting outdoors, but also practicing the elements of composition. These include simplicity, balance, leading lines, repetition, the rule of thirds, patterns, texture, and s-curves. Although I have been a photographer for over fifty years, have had a lot of training, but there’s always more to learn, as it’s easy to forget the many facets of photography. In fact, I’m currently taking an online course entitled Secrets of Better Photography through my local library. This is a great refresher for me, and it’s fun to get out and practice at every opportunity.

Here are today’s pictures:


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