Skerryvore 2024

Repeating a March, 2022 adventure, my partner and I headed for the Schauer Arts Center in Hartford, WI to enjoy another Skerryvore concert. This eclectic Scottish band does not disappoint. This year’s performance even added some extras. First, Cassie & Maggie, a Canadian sister act from Nova Scotia opened with a set of songs done with guitar, fiddle, and vocals. Another exciting addition was the appearance of Irish dancers performing to Skerryvore’s driving sound.

The show playbill described described Skerryvore as follows.

Contemporary Scottish Traditional Music

What are Skerryvore? They’re like no one else. Epic of melody, intimate of feeling and plugged into the roots of Scotland but blasting out to the world. With a mix of bagpipes, fiddles, accordions, and whistles, alongside guitar and vocals, underpinned by driving bass, drums, and keys, Skerryvore represent the best in contemporary Scottish traditional music. Their now seven studio albums demonstrate the wide range of influences the individual musicians bring to the mix—a unique fusion of folk, traditional, and rock.

Three-time winners of Scotland’s ‘Live Act of the Year’ award, Skerryvore have evolved from their humble beginnings to become one of the country’s leading forces in a thriving live music scene. At the forefront of a movement that has reinvented and reignited a traditional Scottish scene for a modern, multicultural audience, the band has brought their high energy performances to audiences across the globe. From their early days in Scottish West Coast halls and bars, to festival crowds in the USA, Canada, Australia, and throughout the U.K. and Europe, Skerryvore’s wide range of influences and talent produce a musically expansive, immersive yet intimate set that excites and captivates audiences.

As usual, this photographer could not resist capturing the action in pictures.

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