St. Joseph Getaway 2020

My last outing in November took me and a friend  to St. Joseph, Michigan (“St. Joe”) for a weekend visit. St. Joseph is a port city on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. A big attraction for this veteran lighthouse photographer was the magnificent St. Joseph North Pier Inner and Outer Lights, which mark the mouth of the St. Joseph River where it empties into Lake Michigan. A vintage railroad bridge, still in use, spans the river near the edge of town.

St. Joseph abounds with parks and memorials.  On a mild late-November Saturday afternoon, I was able to photograph the Fireman’s Monument and memorials to the veterans of U.S. wars including World Wars I and II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam war. The memorials include the names of St. Joseph veterans lost in each war.

St. Joseph proved to be a very photogenic destination. The galleries and links below present my images from this outing.

The Lights

Scenic St. Joseph 

Lighthouse Videos

In addition to still photographs, my cameras also captured video of the waves washing in to shore along the St. Joseph North Pier. Follow the links below to watch these videos on YouTube. Make sure your sound is turned on!

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