Summer Concerts

Our long Wisconsin winters and dreary “springs” make the long-awaited summer season especially sweet.

One of the most popular warm weather activities is live outdoor music. It seems like there’s always groups performing throughout the area.

This summer found me at a couple outdoor concerts. As usual, I took pictures.

The R&B Cadets

The R&B Cadets is a venerable Milwaukee band that has come, gone, and occasionally come back again over the past four decades. Along with several hundred loyal fans, I enjoyed seeing them perform in a Musical Mondays Concert in Lake Park, Milwaukee.

WUWM, Milwaukee’s NPR station, provides this brief overview:

Way back when, the R&B Cadets were poised to hit it big coming out of the Milwaukee music scene.  The group played infectious music, had a loyal following, and drew thousands to their live shows.

On their facebook page, The R&B Cadets tell their own version of their story:

The band that ruled Milwaukee’s East Side for the first six years of the 1980’s is back and more potent than ever. Catch them at their next sterling engagement and stay in touch via the new-fangled media of social!

The R&B Cadets is a holy owned subsidiary of R&B Cadets Super Toxic Offshore Sludge Fund. 

Naturally, I took a few pictures at the concert.

Here Come the Mummies

How might one describe this rock band? I could never come up with a better description than this one from their website!

Cursed after deflowering a great Pharaoh’s daughter (or daughters), Here Come The Mummies (HCTM) have been delivering their brand of Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave since the year 2000 AD. Some say they are reincarnated Grammy-winning studio musicians, some say their internal organs still lay in clay pots back in Egypt. Regardless, HCTM’s mysterious personas, cunning song-craft, and unrelenting live show will bend your brain and melt your face. Maybe that’s why the ladies (and some dudes) can’t stop losing their minds over these mayhem-inducing mavens of mirth.

The photos below pay tribute to the drawing power of this entertaining act. Guessing at numbers, probably a couple thousand folks came out to see their “Summer Sounds” performance in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

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