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BLOCKPHOTOS.COM is my personal online photo gallery. Subtitled The Story of a Life…in Pictures, this project is what I consider to be the visual half of The Story of a Life, my personal autobiography and memoirs. The Story of a Life, named after a favorite Harry Chapin song, is a separate WordPress site which runs on an offline linux-based Apache web server. That site contains over 400 web pages and nearly 2,000 blog posts capturing over 25 years of personal journaling. Each day’s journal entry is published as an individual blog post. I regard The Story of a Life and this companion photo site as comprising a digital legacy of my life for my family and friends.

BLOCKPHOTOS.COM is a commercially-hosted WordPress site running the Enfold theme. The site features over 200 galleries presenting over 6,000 photographs taken over my lifetime. All images have been converted using Photoshop® to low-resolution jpegs, 600×800 pixels or less, resulting in a large enough image to view comfortably, but one too small to tempt others to save for possible misuse. Although all photos are original and copyrighted, this avoids the need for obtrusive image watermarking.

The current BLOCKPHOTOS.COM site is the latest evolution of an earlier HTML site created in 2003. All galleries from that site were migrated to this site and are preserved here, as are image collections from over 40 Facebook albums.

Besides the galleries, BLOCKPHOTOS.COM features an integrated blog. Many of the blog posts summarize various photo outings and link to related galleries.

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