Home Page Home Page is a retired site, that for twenty years, showcased my photography of Great Lakes and Coastal lighthouses. Unfortunately, the site was hacked beyond salvation and taken down in 2019. What was once my flagship lighthouse photography site went through several generations of web technology and at the end, was a commercially-hosted WordPress site that featured:

  • Over 250 pages, one for every Great Lakes and Atlantic coastal lighthouse I’ve visited and photographed. Each lighthouse page contained a photo gallery and descriptive information and historical background on that location.
  • Navigation menus for finding individual lighthouse pages alphabetically or based upon State or Province, or Body of Water. A separate menu of Fresnel lens pages was also included.
  • Information about Lights of the Lakes, my Great Lakes lighthouse slide show.
  • An integrated lighthouse blog.
  • Extras including audio clips of diaphone fog horns and boat whistles.
  • Lighthouse poetry and song lyrics.
  • A MailChimp mailing list signup option.
  • A popup form allowing visitors to join the site’s mailing list.