West Bend Afternoon

The last Saturday in August found me and a friend in West Bend, Wisconsin. Our primary destination was the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA), which I had never visited before.

Idle Hours Cafe

Before visiting MOWA, we lunched outdoors at the Idle Hours Cafe. We were amused by the whimsical artwork on some trees on the side of the neighboring building.

Idle Hour Cafe

Impromtu Artwork

Museum of Wisconsin Art

MOWA is a premier attraction in West Bend. As the name suggests, MOWA exhibits an impressive collection of artwork by Wisconsin artists, but the gallery also includes numerous pieces by renowned masters from Europe and elsewhere. Our goal in visiting MOWA today was to hear a presentation by Barbara Manger, author of Mary Nohl, Inside & Outside. This book documents the life and work of prominent Milwaukee-area artist Mary Nohl (1914-2001). Nohl’s former residence in Fox Point, WI survives as the Mary Nohl Art Environment. The property is now managed by the Kohler Foundation. Besides listening to Manger’s informative presentation, we toured the galleries and exhibits in the museum and on the MOWA grounds.

Eisenbahn State Trail

We concluded our afternoon in West Bend by taking a quick look at the section of Eisenbahn State Trail that runs alongside MOWA. Eisenbahn is German for railway. The Eisenbahn State Trail is 25 miles long and is a completed rails-to-trails project. Below are a few snapshots taken near MOWA.

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