Wood National Cemetery

Wood National Cemetery, the only United States National Cemetery in Wisconsin, located in Milwaukee. It encompasses over 50 acres and has over 37,000 interments. The cemetery was established in 1871. It became a National Cemetery in 1973 and is currently operated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

It’s a moving experience to visit this cemetery. As a veteran myself, I am thankful that I never saw combat or suffered injury during my military service. Every American owes respect and gratitude to the hundreds of thousands of American servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedoms of our citizens.

No vision of the morrow’s strife
The warrior’s dream alarms;
No braying horn nor screaming fife
At dawn shall call to arms.

The neighing troop, the flashing blade,
The bugle’s stirring blast,
The charge, the dreadful cannonade,
The din and shout, are past.
Your own proud land’s heroic soil
Shall be your fitter grave;
She claims from war his richest spoil,
The ashes of her brave.

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