WVCY America Studio Tour

Today I had the opportunity to attend an educational seminar at the main studios of WVCY America, a Christian radio network headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. The WVCY call letters originally stood for Voice of Christian Youth. The very first 30-minute program was created by high-schoolers in 1961 in Milwaukee. WVCY now broadcasts on FM radio, TV, and online. The TV studios are in another building in Milwaukee.

WVCY in Milwaukee is the flagship of a widespread network of radio stations across the USA. According to WVCY,

There are currently 53 owned & operated stations: 29 full-power stations across the Midwest and Southwest, plus 24 low power “translator” stations, in addition to many “affiliate” stations that carry VCY programs.

After the seminar, host Jim Schneider, WVCY Executive Director, offered a tour of the facility. The gallery below includes pictures of some of the places we visited during the tour.

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